Is it really your plan?

It’s cuffing season have you heard? It’s the time where you put yourself out there and search for love, but should you really be searching for that? When we think of love different things come to mind, significant others, children, our parents, and more. I remember as a freshmen in college all I wanted was a boyfriend. I wanted to be loved for and cared for and I wanted to go through college with that person. Here’s the dilemmas, I didn’t have a person and guess who’s not in school anymore? Life throws curve balls consistently, but is it really that? I was reading my Bible this morning and started laughing thinking of my plans for my life 2 years ago. If you told me I was leaving college I would have freaked out because I always wanted to prove something. Isn’t it crazy though? We plan our lives as if we are in control of every little detail. Yes we have choices, and some choices have consequences. But why do we think that our destiny is up to us? In Isaiah 41:10 it says “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” God knows what we are going to do because he puts the choices in-front of us. It amazes me that someone so perfect and pure knows that sometimes we will choose sin over what’s right and still continues to love us and pursue us on a daily basis. I remember thinking of some things that have occurred in my life and I was full of anger, I yelled at God and asked him if he was even there, and if he even cared about me. I broke and I immediately hit my knees crying. It was in that moment for a split second I felt alone and hollow. Then I realized, that moment of brokenness was temporary but Gods love is everlasting. There is nothing we can do to make him not love us, and I truly believe that there is nothing we can do that will “mess us up” to where we don’t fulfill our purpose. Keep in mind if it’s a relationship, that job, that friendship, whatever it is… give it to God. Do not fight it, let him have every single aspect of your life and watch the blessings come in.



Sticks and stones

As a girl, I hear a lot of opinions. Of me, others, on anything really. Sometimes I tell myself what people say about me don’t matter. Most of the time I never worry, other times I do. Whoever said words don’t hurt clearly didn’t have a lot of things said to them. In today’s society it is so easy to share our opinion, if it’s on social media or in person. Have you ever thought of what your words do? When I encourage people I get this great joy in my heart. I love seeing people smile, I know what it’s like also to go off on someone. You think if you say something to someone they will fear you. In all honesty the times I have “went off” is when I was scared and wanted people to fear me. Or I wanted girls to like me and want to be my friend in high school. It’s not cool. I sat in my room the other day and thought of the names I’ve been called and I’ll be honest guys, I cried. Times get tough, those mean hateful words we say to people stick. At least I thought they did. I was reading in my bible and I always have a reminder that God created us. Detail by detail, everything is hand made. Isn’t it crazy? Our personalities, likes and dislikes, all by him. So how silly does it sound that we knock eachother down or let people knock us down? When I had this picture taken I was told to take off my makeup, take out my extensions (yes surprise my hair is actually thin) and I felt naked. And then the girl told me “you cannot take a picture trying to look your best when you’re preaching you’re beautiful anyways.” So this is my final saying, you are beautiful. You are loved. You are AMAZING! I don’t care what anyone has said to you, anything negative is irrelevant. As hard as it gets and as mean as people can be God created you, that should be enough for you to feel wonderful today and everyday. It’s easier said than done, but I believe in each and everyone of you.


In my eyes

I am a pretty confident person, it confuses my mom how I can walk into a crowd of people alone and not care. Sadly, my confidence varies in different situations. When it comes to being alone, loving myself, being single, or writing, I am confident. When it comes to being loved, being happy, or my relationship with God, I tend to struggle. Before I talk more I realize I never really have “happy” blogs, I’m not trying to be “happy”. I’m trying to help you guys be joyful, which will always be more than happiness. As I was saying, being loved is I think every humans dream. The words “I love you.” From someone we care about means the most. It hit me, why does the words “I love you” from a man/woman mean more to us than our God? If we think about it, no guy I date is going to go die on a cross for me nor would I ask him to. That’s the thing though, God loved us so much he sent his son without question. My confidence runs low when I think “am I even close to where I need to be with God?” The answer is no. We truly will never reach where we need to be with God until we are face to face. I truly am excited for that moment. I have trust issues. I’ve been through a lot where sometimes I question if I’m ever good enough for anyone. I sometimes see myself as damaged, but if someone loves me I have to trust they love me and be okay with knowing what I’ve been through. I know for a lot of women, it is hard to get past things that have been done or situations we have put ourselves in. I’m sure it’s the same for guys as well, but if no one has told you today. You are forgiven. You are loved. You are special. You have a purpose. Remind yourself every single day, we can change the world. If we focus on ourselves and our walks with the lord, rather someone else’s.

– SM


I was told yesterday, “I love your blogs.” It felt great, I was also told, “they’re always so depressing and deep.” Not such a great response I had. We all deal with it, insecurities and uncertainties. I’m terrible at it, I overthink every small detail. I question sometimes when people say they love me if they even mean it. I think it’s something we all struggle with it. We want to come off so confident, and we can be. No one can be confident all the time. That’s something I have had to accept. I feel annoying to some people. Or I feel like the outcast because I chose a different path in life. There are a lot of things that go on in the human brain that are normal. There are a lot of things we deal with spiritually that are normal, but we can overcome them. I am Definitely not saying I have. To be completely honest, I have been struggling a lot today so I began writing and here we are. Friends, this is not a serious blog post. It’s to show you guys, I struggle too. I’m not perfect and I have doubt. Being a Christian is not easy. But it is surely worth it.

Speaking to nonbelievers

The title is irrelevant but I had to explain to you guys what this was about. “Nonbeliever” shouldn’t we call them people? Shouldn’t we love them? YES! It is so easy for us to feel uncomfortable today. Maybe the problem is sometimes us, if we don’t truly follow God and read the word how should we expect to answer questions? Of course it’s hard. I read every morning and study yet, it is still hard to throw a bible verse out to answer. Society has crossed in with beliefs. It seems to be instead of loving on those who do not believe, we stay away. We were not called to stay away we were called to reach out. I know it is worrisome and scary, but if we stay in a group of all christians, how do we expect to reach others? We always say “God does not call us to be comfortable.” But isn’t it time we stop speaking and start doing? I have a habit of doing it myself. But if all we do is talk with no actions followed we are not making a difference. We are simply just saying something that is irrelevant to someone else. Bottom line here because I could write and write, we are called to love and teach. Get out of your comfort zone and reach the world guys!!!


How do I shake this feeling?

I have wrote in the past that Christians get depressed. Man is it true, we mess up and face the consequences. Or something happens that we do not understand. I’ve mentioned I struggle with this on a daily basis. Lately it’s been very rough, I can’t get into why because it’s plenty of things. Feeling loved even though I’m surrounded by it, is difficult. Feeling I’m enough is difficult as well. I have heard a lot lately how great my confidence is and how happy I am. What I’ve heard most is, she has no problems that’s where I want to be. Let me be honest with you guys, I’ve got ALOT going on. It’s honestly kicking my butt lately. I try to stay positive because I know I can get through it and the Lord is always with me. Which is a daily battle. We must keep in mind, it easier to give up. It’s easy to say “screw it” and give up. Why do we always take the easy route? Why don’t we work for what we want? In the end no matter the religion, we all want joy. The world is a dark place, even now with everything going on. Praying is a must, if we don’t pray we have nothing. God cannot answer prayers if they are never said. I don’t know about you guys but I’m very competitive, so I’m not going to let the enemy beat me in a landslide in my happiness. I want to share something with you guys. Enjoy!


REJOICE ALWAYS! This is one of the shortest verses in the Bible, but it is radiant with heavenly Light. I made you in My image, and I crafted you with the ability to choose Joy in the moments of your life. When your mind is going down an unpleasant, gloomy path, stop it in its tracks with this glorious command. See how many times each day you can remind yourself to rejoice.

It is important not only to be joyful but to think about specific reasons for rejoicing. They can be as simple as My daily provisions for you—food, shelter, clothing. Relationships with loved ones can also be a rich source of Joy. Since you are My beloved, your relationship with Me is an ever-present wellspring of gladness. These joyful thoughts will light up both your mind and your heart, enabling you to find more pleasure in your life.

Choosing to rejoice will bless you and those around you. It will also strengthen your relationship with Me.

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

The question is irrelevant, it’s not bad things happening to good people, bad things happen to everyone. Sometimes the bad is more public than private and that’s why we assume. I always hide my past, I hate talking about it because I always choke up. But over the last year or so I’ve come to realize it helps people. As I speak I’m always asked to share my testimony. So here it goes just the big part of it that changed me forever and relates to a lot of you. At the age of 14 (freshmen year of high school) I was raped. I felt stripped of my innocence and disgusting. I hated looking in the mirror and I seemed attention wherever I could find it. I didn’t speak out about it until the last 2 years. Even now a lot of people don’t know, or didn’t. Being raped is not something that should change anyone’s reputation. I didn’t press charges because I didn’t want anyone to know because he was rather popular as well. I began to ask myself, “why did this happen to me? I do my quiet time I try my best to be a good person. ” so many flaws pop up in that question. First off, God doesn’t see anyone as “good”. We are ALL sinners. There is good people and there are godly people and we forget the difference. My belief is that even in my weakest points they are meant to turn in my favor. After this event happened my life was in a dark place as more added to my past. I will not get into it however I will be speaking on it in Anderson South Carolina soon. I have met and spoke with several girls who have went through it. It’s rough, you don’t feel the same. And sometimes you question anyone who loves you. And feeling safe is a constant struggle. Guess what? Today is a new day, with everyday comes new battles so we cannot dwell on it. We can handle anything because we have God. If you get to the next day, you overcame it. Faith doesn’t take the fear away it teaches me to fight it. Why I tell you guys this is why it happens. God isn’t allowing it, he knows we are soldiers. We can handle anything even if we feel at that moment we have been defeated and are broken. God picks us up and shows us our strength. Our mission is to take our misery and turn it into ministry. If you have any questions feel free to message me or email me I would love to speak to you. And if you have went through something or currently are, you can handle this. Make your biggest weakness your ultimate strength.

– SM